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The four-wheel drive

The four-wheel drive of our Independent is based on the regular rear

wheel drive. A lengthways automatic transfer gear is installed on the

front axle to handlethepower transition. When activated the driving

power will be split between the front and back axle. 35% of the power

is used by the front axle and 65% by the rear axle. Differential, front

axle, back axle and lengthways differential cannot be blocked.

The ESP has been upgraded with an electronic friction system -

called 4ETS - to prevent only one wheel being powered under bad

conditions. By braking individual wheels the system manages equal

power on all wheels and prevents wheels from spinning. As a result

the system offers effective torward movement even on loose ground,

such as sand. The optional reduction gear reduces the transition

strain on all components by ca. 40 %and provides each wheel with

more movement power.

Model description Independent

The CS Independent is based on the Mercedes Sprinter with

3.665 mm wheelbase, making it 5.91 m lang. Part of the

lndependents standard equipment is a four-wheel drive that can

be switched on and


at any time. This four-wheel drive entails

an uplift of the vehicle to an overall height of 2.820 mm.

Two different engine types areaffered- each with Euro 6. The first

one is a4cylinder, 120 kW /163 HP engine and the other one is a

6-cylinder engine with 140 kW


190 HP. Both come with a

standard 6-gear-transmission, and can optionally be equipped

with an automatic gearbox.

Essential safety equipment like a new generation of ESP, ABS,

TCR, Crosswind Assist and driver/passenger airbags are just as

much standard as a remote controlled central Ieeking system,

electric windows and heated electrical side mirrors as weil as heat

insulated glass in the driver's cabin. The Iist of further optional

equipment is lang and ranges from reduction gear to Xenon

headlights.The gross vehicle weight is 3.500 kg.

The CS Independent was designed for those customers who want to be as independent as possible. Forthis reason the Independent not

only comes with standard four-wheel drivethat allows driving off-road but also offers independence from fluid gas.

The vehicle does not lose any comfort even without agas system. Both heating and warm water supply are produced by aTruma diesel

boiler/heater device. With 6000 Wthe interior will generally never get cold. The water heater heats up to ten Iiters to 60


very quickly.

The elaborate diesel ceramic cooking areaisnot only easy to maintain but also allows cooking without need for gas.

The kitchen area with additional overhead Ieckers contains the diesel ceramic cooker, astainless steel sink, spacious drawers, afoldable

working area extension as weil as further cupboards.

To reduce the power consumption we almost exclusively use

LED-Iights with amaximum power rate of 2Weach. Our standard

90 Ifridge shines with excellent isolation and correspondingly low

power consumption.

The Iayout of the Independent is almost similar to our popular

Rondo with the

large fix bed in the rear

of the vehicle being its

main feature. We reach a length of 1.95 mand awidth of 1.42 m

thanks to custom made body enlargements. Even with these

enlargements the vehicle is only 2.02 mwide and fully suitable for


The bed comes with a slatted frame and an MDI- cold foam