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movable sink in the wet room


fitting cassette toilet, shower and Iavatory on

relatively small space.

The freshwater tank can take up to 100



volume can be increased by adding further

tanks. The waste-water tank is located

underfloor and can take up to 90


Below the rear bed is a very large cargo area which is not

obstructed by gas bottles.

has a volume of more than 1.000


Connected to the rear bed, on the right side of the vehicle, is the

wardrobe, offering ample space. Below it, an extra step for easy

access to the bed can be pulled out.


seating area

consists of the swiveling driver's cabin seats as

weil as a bench for one or two passengers allowing for up to four

seats. lt is also possible to add an optional vario-bench which can

be unfolded to another bed, measuring 185 cmx90 cm.

Overhead lockers with plenty of space can be found above the

driver's cabin, the seating area and all around the rear bed.

The 12Von-board electric system comes with a235 Ah gel-batterywhich is charged via the on-board charger (30 A), the vehicles dynamo

and also the standardsolar panel (140


This installation allows long Iasting power supply evenwithout external power source.

The vehicles' interior is weil ventilated thanks to multiple windows and roof hatches.

All windows and roof hatches come equipped with insulated glass, amosquito net


The entire vehicle is insulated with 20 mm X-Treme insulator and poplar plywood.

Both are of highest quality. Furniture is constructed exclusively out of 15 mm

HPL-Iaminated poplar plywood or even with a real wood veneer being optionally

available. Most of our furniture edges are madewith solid wood. Many small details

like the bottle- or newspaper rack make each vehicle unique.

We offer a wide range of different possibilities, since every vehicle leaving our production is made individually for our customers.

Be it material selection or many different optional parts, such as a digital satellite system, flat screen monitors as weil as an oven,

amicrowave or an inverter. Alltheseoptions create aone of akind vehicle of the highest quality.

Overhead locker