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CS-Reisemobile motorhomes

Then and now: The dream of freedom

Urmobil In 1979 Claus-Dieter Oltmanns and his - in those days - girlfriend Susanne rebuilt an old Mercedes-Benz 206 D. This eight year old vehicle had an undefined milage and cost 2.500 DM. The friends invested another 1.500 DM in the fitout. They were so keen about the trip with their first camper van, that they started improving it.

and a liability to perfection are needed for such project. Nearly for every trip a new vehicle was rebuilt and the old one sold. In this way also the studies could been paid. In 1983 the first friends of the couple also wanted to have a camper van like this because they've heard so many good things. That's how the story took its course.

It became serious on 01.12.1985. Afer finishing studies Claus-Dieter Oltmanns and Susanne decided to turn their hobby into their profession and established the company CS-Reisemobile. On the ground of an old builder's yard, in the Trilluper way in Hamburg Duvenstedt, the first new vehicles were rebuilt on own risk and sold afterwards. Also the first employee could be hired.

The idea was of big avail. It became more important to work after the customer's individual wishes than to build vehicles for all target groups. Different varieties of layouts were developed and the demands on quality were growing. In 1995 CS already had 15 employees, in 1999 they had 20.

Best locationThe company grew further but CS had too little room in the Trillluper way. Because of the very good accessibility the decision to move to Henstedt-Ulzburg was made in 1999. The company grounds located directly at the highway A7 had enough space with 3.600 m2 total ground, thereof 1.200 m2 for production and office as well as a very good traffic connection. In 2002 a showroom for the camper vans was built and since then the company can look forward to the future with it's now almost 30 employees.

After the daughter Laura has been with the company since 2007 and the son Till since 2013, Philipp Oltmanns (Laura's husband), the son-in-law, also joined the company in 2015. The trained banking economist should ensure the continuation of the company together with the young generation in the future.

We offer the capacities and experience for creating individual vehicles
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