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Western Germany

SYRO Reisemobil Center

Gottlieb-Daimler-Str. 1
59439 Holzwickede

Tel. 02301/9479800



Le Fourgonneur

48. rue du Moulin Rouge
85000 La Roche sur Yon

Tel.: 02 51 06 97 51
Nous recevons sur RV aux heures de bureau, du lundi au samedi ou selon convenance.


Tartaruga AG
Herr Gerhard Iten

Gewerbestrasse 1
CH-8451 Kleinandelfingen

Tel. +52 31 74 04 0
Fax +52 31 74 06 0


New SYRO-Reisemobil Center

Fa. Syro

Our West German merchant, the company SYRO motorhomes, has on 8.1.2014 their new motorhome Center based. The new property is conveniently located directly at the exit of the A40 / B1 to Dortmund Airport. The new headquarters provides significantly more space for the presentation of the vehicles. the Workshop area is also increased significantly been. The CS-vehicles have its own sales hall.

Now a CS dealer in France

The company Le Fourgonneur of Pierre Debacq care since the Caravan Salon 2014 to the distribution of CS motorhomes now in France. In this course all the brochures were translated into French and are available on our website. Further more just created a French website analogous to the English language. Along with new distributors in France is CS in Switzerland and in Belgium represented with a dealer.

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