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CS-Reisemobile motorhomes

CS motorhome manufactures based on Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2018

Sprinter 2018

CS-Reisemobile builds based on Mercedes Benz Sprinter:

Because of their stiff chassis box type vans are very sturdy and safe but also comfortable to drive. The different models of CS-Reisemobile provide the right van for nearly everybody. For all other requirements the experienced team of CS gives advise with lots of know-how to find the best individual solution for the customer.

Nine models base on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. They all share comfortable and high-quality installations.

Distinguishing features are mainly the wheelbases but also the roof heights what makes differences in the interior conception. So e.g. the bed arrangement varies from roof beds to fixed beds installed in the rear next to each other or one above the other. Every vehicle has a wet room with cassette toilet and shower as well as comfortable sleeping places. The basic vehicles offer options like in cars like six-cylinder-engines, automatic gearboxes or even climate controls.

The safety equipment always provides ABS and ESP what makes a difference to many other camper vans. The safety equipment can also be enhanced nearly endless for example with xenon headlights.

Interior view new Mercedes SprinterThe vehicles are nearly compleely equipped when they leave our plant but there are also many different options available like automatical satellite antennas, TFT-monitors or even complete multimedia packages. Comnig as standard are a warm water installations, lavish lighting and venting as well as 235 Ah gel batteries that one cannot find in other vehicles on the market. Further options are solar arrays or fuel cells. The costly cabinetry with lots of massive wood makes the outstanding quality perfect.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2018
Source: www.mercedes-benz.de

The new Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2018 can be ordered from us now.


As announced a year ago, there will be a revised Sprinter in 2018. The current model will be produced until May 2018 and then replaced by a face-lifted version. The dimensions as well as the built-in technology are taken over in principle 1: 1. There is a new infotainment, the dashboard is revised and of course the front end. Completely new will be a Sprinter with front-wheel drive, with other wheelbases and transversely mounted engines. However, this will have no meaning for CS - we will continue to produce only rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive vehicles.

The downer of the introduction of the new Sprinter will be an approximately six-month "all-wheel-drive" time. According to current planning, the updated Sprinter will not be available again until the end of 2018 with all-wheel drive. We have made provision in this respect, as we have advanced from the quota arising up to May according to many vehicles in order to deliver over the summer and four-wheel vehicles, but then based on the model available today. Prices and specific equipment options are expected to be available from March 2018. Since our own production capacities are fully booked for almost a year, this model change does not affect us to the extent we feared.

The base vehicle of our production there was an extensive facelift, presented by Mercedes-Benz on the first weekend in September-2013. Background for the model care measure is applicable from September 2014 Euro 6 standard. The dramatically lower nitric oxide levels can only be achieved with the use of so-called "AdBlue" technology. For this purpose, an additional tank is required, which includes the artificial urea. The Sprinter is this Tank housed on the right side of the vehicle behind the headlamp in the engine compartment. The front of the Sprinters changed to the effect that the engine hood and the front flat front (grille, lights) has become significantly steeper.
The top engine, the 3.0 liter 6-cylinder engine is, henceforth only still referred to in the Euro 6, at Mercedes "Bluetec" variant available. In the transitional period until September next year the smaller 4-cylinder engine in the Euro 5 version without AdBlue technology to get.

Daytime Running LightsIn the course of the daytime running lights as standard facelifts was standard introduced controls. The variants differ with Bi-Xenon Headlamps and standard spotlights in the type of Daytime running lights. In the variant with Bi-Xenon lighting a coming LED-band, as known from the car, is used. In the variant with the normal Headlights for the daytime driving lights in a separate headlights Enclosure.

As part of the facelift, the vehicles also received a newly designed steering wheel and a new generation of Radio / Navigation devices. These are above all with regard to the Price / performance ratio has now become much more attractive.

Apart of the four-wheel vehicles, the hitherto widespread Taken 5-speed automatic from the program and consistently by the so-called. 7 G-Tronic (7-speed automatic) replaces.

As part of the security offensive Sprinter receives future a so-called standard. crosswind assistant who responds that the vehicle unit without intervention by the driver from the track. It is by targeted braking of two wheels the vehicle against the Crosswind stabilized.

Optionally, there is a series of further assistance systems (Lane departure warning, Blind Spot Assist, Collision Prevention and Assyst Provide high-beam assistant).

In the dimensions of the new Sprinter is not changed. There is for certain series a vehicle lowering by three cm, however, can be controlled without additional costs.

We will in future continue to the variant with slightly more Offer ground clearance than the standard series.
The tried and tested Sprinter is no longer produced in July. All new Orders are therefore necessarily the facelifted Basic vehicle running. In connection with the facelift there „of course“; a price increase. However, this falls relative to 1.5% moderate.

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