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CS-Reisemobile motorhomes

CS motorhome manufactures based on Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2018


CS-Reisemobile builds based on Mercedes Benz Sprinter:

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2018
Source: www.mercedes-benz.de

Due to their rigid bodywork, panel vans offer a high level of stability and safety with comfortable driving characteristics. The range of CS motorhomes offers the right motorhome for almost all requirements. For all other needs, the experienced team of CS-Reisemobile is available with its know-how for individual solutions.

Our models are based on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter and offer a high level of comfort as well as high-quality fittings.

Mercedes Sprinter 2018 interior view Differentiating features can be found in the wheelbases, but also in the roof heights. This results in conceptual differences - especially in the layout of the floor plan. Typically, every CS motorhome has a wet cell with a cassette toilet including a shower and sleeping facilities, which guarantee a high level of comfort. The equipment of the motorhomes is almost complete at the factory, but many additional options are also available. For example, automatic satellite systems, TFT monitors, lithium batteries, solar systems, awnings or even dry separation toilets. A gel battery with 235 Ah capacity including a powerful charger and charge booster is standard, as is a hot air / hot water system. Furthermore, all motorhomes have generous lighting and ventilation openings. The elaborate furniture construction with lots of solid wood rounds off the impression of quality.

The basic vehicles offer equipment options similar to those of a passenger car and can be expanded almost at will with assistance systems and safety equipment.

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