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CS-Reisemobile motorhomes

CS-Reisemobile Production Plant

ProduktionsstätteCS ­Reisemobile rebuilds compact camper vans based on Mercedes- box-type vans. Only the chassis and roofs are delivered by suppliers. Everything else is manufactured and installed on-site.

Here all body works - window openings, roof openings and body widenings ­ proceed. Furthermore they produce bench base constructions and roof bed frameworks as well as strengthening frames for ensuring the requested quality.

In the assembly preparation division the wiring for the still unclad vehicles is installed. The vehicles are completely insulated with high-quality insulating material, the pre-produced wall and ceiling coverings are built in and the flooring is mounted.

TischlereiThere are three workstations for woodworking where the furniture is made. Because of the new CNC machine highest precision is ensured. The lockers are made of light poplar plywood and are built as solid carcase with a strong bonding. Different desings offer a big variety of styles. Also the solid wooden edges are produced there and give a precious effect to the interior.

ProduktionHere is where the basic fitout of the vehicle begins. The single components as water tanks, heating and refrigerator are installed in the vehicle - completed by the furniture. The front seats are equipped with rotatable consoles and the windows are mounted. Because of the small dimensions accurat fitting is the precondition for high-quality results and therefore we operate in decimillimeters.

Die NähereiThe stitching creates the interriors cosy ambience. Here Claudia Lenkeit produces - mostly from microfiber materials - matching upholstery- and matress covers, curtains, shower curtains, deposit pockets and much more.

After completion and before delivery the van passes the final control. The last accessories like curtains are built in here. The final cleaning is made and the vehicle is finished for the delivery to its new owner.

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