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CS-Reisemobile motorhomes

Compact motorhomes from our own production

All our camper vans are created using the

as a base vehicle.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 2018

Customers have a variety of options in choosing basic vehicle, configuration, materials and other details.
Every camper van is built individually to customers' order.

CS-Reisemobile offers quality and has been a capable partner for 30 years now

The convenient and luxuriously equipped camper vans combine high driving safety with equal comfort. A reliable and faithful companion.

We will help and give advice on these services:

  • with all questions about equipment and enhancements
  • in case of accidents and damages
  • if you want to sell your vehicle
With CS-Reisemobile you have a partner who has built customer related motorhomes since 1985

3D interior views

Take a look at our motorhomes from the inside. Move up visually in a caravan and get a spatial impression of the size and quality.

Online brochures

For the visual impressions we offer paging and zoomable online brochures. The brochures can be obtained from the download area as a PDF file.

Production video

In a short video (5:47 min) shows the formation of a CS-motorhome. From production vehicle to finished motorhome.

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